10 Freelance Skills That'll Get You Hired in 2021

Freelancing is no longer seen as a “part-time hustle” or method to support yourself throughout an unemployment period. Nowadays, it has become more attractive than any successful business tips as you can make a full-time income from the comfort of your home! Freelancing is the way of pursuing a career without making any long-term commitment with a single employer. Freelance has become a lucrative choice for lots of Millennials and new generation workers worldwide. Individuals with accurate freelance skills now have the freedom to choose their mode of work, clients, and time, and earn unlimited money from the internet.

As good as freelancing sounds, you require to identify what career is suitable for you and what skills you need to have to succeed in the market. We researched all potential freelancing jobs out there to make the list of the peak in-demand skills to discover your perfect freelancing role!

1. Online Survey

Online survey or Internet research is a massive field. While the term implies researching free data available on the Internet, it also covers-up researching information received by different websites called data analytics.

An online survey that pays and all its correlated fields are a crucial part of the e-commerce industry. Therefore, anyone with essential skills will discover themselves in high demand and make money from online surveys.

The top Internet research skills in demand now include browsing through massive data and building websites that provide better content that is provable, accurate, and workable. If you have good research skills, you can easily find a job in the market and get paid for online surveys.

2. Web Development

The enhancement in worldwide e-commerce has made it crucial for about all businesses to mark an online existence. Additionally, the Internet opens up enormous vistas for small or large businesses to grow and prosper in newer markets worldwide.

Thus, there is a vast demand for website developers. Web development is a primary part of the digital marketing community. As e-commerce develops, web developers will discover themselves gradually more in demand.

freelancing as a web developer

This is also because of mobile’s extensive use to access the Internet and different services such as mobile banking, online shopping, etc. So there is also a demand for mobile app developers as well as web developers. Anyone with proper skill in this field will find themselves in demand and can start freelancing as a web developer right now.

3. Freelance Writing & Editing

Writing as a profession is highly romanticized as a starved artist or a creative hermit. Well, it might be correct for a few fiction writers. But there is also a massive commercial writing field that comprises everything from advertising copywriting, web content, and grant writing. And every kind of writing has to be corrected and arranged by editors.

Platforms like Upwork or Fiver can become the client hub for your freelance writing jobs. You can easily find customers, clients, and potential buyers for your writing skill.

You can also extend your skill to essay editing service or rephrasing paragraphs to increase your market field.

4. Social Media Management (SMM)

Nowadays, Social media has become more than just a platform for amusement. It is efficiently used for marketing products, services, and maintaining public relations by different companies.

Though it sounds simple, social media management is an exhausting job and needs a complete understanding of social media. You need to monitor and supervise not only the content but the visitor’s response as well. That’s where the skills of a social media handler are required.

Suppose you can maintain what’s trending online and have a good familiarity with social media and SEO. In that case, you can expect to create a full-time profession and make money on the Internet.

5. Data Entry

Data entry is a very ordinary skill. It is very fundamental and can be performed by nearly everyone with essential language and computer skills. Despite this, it is one of the top freelance skills that are in high demand. Data entry is admired globally as a source for making money on the Internet, even though it’s fundamental work.

Data entry usually requires a good typing speed and also involves accuracy. Though there are large data entry jobs available in the market, top foreign employers have chosen only people with outstanding skills. Working as a freelance data entry operator is undoubtedly a worthwhile profession these days as it provides an easy opportunity to make money from Internet.

6. Website Design

The most popular sector that is ruling the freelance job market for a long time is website design, and its position is expected to remain the same over the upcoming years. Businesses that do not have a vital existence online will find survival hard in future years. Therefore, there is a run of sorts to have more websites. Freelancing as a web developer have thousand of opportunities to earn money from Internet.

Web designers make the appearance and outline of web pages. Their skills are in high demand in several organizations, from startups to charities, providing the flexibility to apply high-impact projects.

7. Virtual Assistant

To become a virtual assistant, you don’t need any certifications or specialized, so it is one of the most striking options for newbies in the freelance market. The possible client base is relatively large: coaches, entrepreneurs, authors, executives, etc., in different industries. They all require assistance with managerial or administrative tasks like email handling, travel logistics, appointment setting, and so on. So, this sector is relatively easy for freelancers for making money on the Internet.

8. Video Editing/Creation

Watching Video has become an increasingly essential part of our lives. Video-sharing platforms like YouTube and others are rising in popularity, and video creators and editors are now optimizing videos to some particular audience. Also, the influence of visual appeal is the latest ball game, and one that cannot be beaten.

So it is not a surprise that video creation and editing are a trendy skill that expects to be in demand in 2021. You don’t have to be an expert in making electrifying videos, but the fundamental understanding would take you a long way, particularly in your freelancing career.

9. Accounting & Bookkeeping

As a freelancing career, Accounting and bookkeeping are cloaked in mystery for many people, no thanks to the complex business laws and different tax structures in different countries. Though there are different types of financial software in the market now, companies still require capable professionals who understand how to utilize them properly. Also, lots of SMBs and startups love to hand over their bookkeeping tasks to a qualified person to focus on the core business activities. With the skills and qualifications to managing accounting and bookkeeping, you can earn money from Internet by charging a competitive rate.

10. Graphic Design

10 Freelance Skills that will Get You Hired in 2021 - Graphics Design

Graphic designing is one of the most trending freelance skills acquirable right now. You can note a top demand for professional designers if you begin to turn into one with your freelance skills set. Graphic design is not restricted only to brand images on profiles, catalogs, and websites; you can have graphic design products including mugs, keychains, t-shirts, and other accessories.


Freelancing is a rising work trend now. Soon enough, lots of the newer generations will desire to make a livelihood through such freelance. Among all the attractive business ideas, freelancing is the most successful business tips for fresher as it has every feature to cater to a fresh graduate.

Hopefully, you will be able to leverage some of the freelance skills we mentioned above and master the art of freelancing!